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Iowa has many well kept secrets, and one of those is Coyote Classics, a licensed and bonded, American muscle and classic car dealer. Nestled in America's Heartland, Coyote Classics is conveniently located near several major cities such as Omaha, NE; Chicago, IL; and Minneapolis, MN to name a few. We take great pride in the fact that we own all of the cars in our inventory and that we don't host consignments. Coyote Classics also takes pride in the fact that we staff a full-time Purchasing Agent, who is on the road daily working hard to find us quality, classic investments, at great prices, so that we can pass those great prices & savings on to you!

Weekly Classic Car and Muscle Car Projects

Due to recent requests from our customers for project muscle cars they can restore themselves and fit into their budget, Coyote Classics will be buying and selling a handful of classics that will be more "Do-it-yourselfers." We want to have the right classic car for all of our potential clients, however, most of our inventory is directed to our clients who want to jump in and enjoy their classic car right away. We sell a lot of great looking drivers that we feel are affordable and ready to cruse to the next car show. Though this new "project" portion of our inventory broadens our client diversity we want our customers to know that the main focus of Coyote Classics Inc. is still selling quality classic cars for affordable prices.

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