Meet Airyn Justine, our Executive Assistant! As Chad and Lisa's oldest child, Airyn developed an admiration for classic and muscle cars at a young age. Her first car as a teenager was a dream! Painted a beautiful blue with white racing stripes, her 1968 Chevy Camaro SS was a real head turner! She was raised around many beautiful muscle cars but the '68 Camaro is still her forever favorite.

Shortly after graduating High School, Airyn volunteered to serve an 18 month mission in Mexico City, Mexico and then in Southern California. This service in turn blessed her life as she became a fluent speaker in Spanish, which has proved to come in handy on many different occasions.

Aside from her duties as our Executive Assistant, she is also kept busy in our Customer Service Department. Her quick response, bubbly personality and friendly smile is sure to brighten your day!