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Customer Testimonials for Coyote Classics

Ed - 1966 Ford Cobra

A lot of places sell classic cars, but if you want friendly, honest, professional, and knowledgeable people, Coyote Classics is where to get your "Dream Car", just like I did. Through a bunch of e-mails, and lots of phone calls, I honestly felt like I was dealing with CLOSE FRIENDS. Myself and Chad the boss not only talked cars and our transaction, we talked about life and kids, and Chad was interested in my crazy, exciting life of service. Erin the secretary was so friendly (and in these days of political correctness) can I say, and oh, so, sweet, yet so very competent. And then my buddy Dalton. Chad's son. I'm 73 tears old, Dalton is a young man, yet he and I became very close. He answered every question. Found answers he needed to check. Made sure I was comfortable with our final "deal", and proved himself to be wise beyond his years. Truly a caring, friendly and intelligent professional. Keep in mind, we were dealing, while over 1,000 miles apart geographically. Now here's the proof of their honesty and trust. This deal was a TRADE. My car(s) for theirs, and I received their car in a closed trailer, THREE DAYS BEFORE my car(s) will leave my custody, and sent to Iowa. Now, tell me what Classic Classic car dealer will send you their car, before they get your car. These people are the BEST ! I am a real customer of Coyote Classics, and they delivered the car I've wanted for just about my entire 73 years. And I must say the car looks and operates better than advertised ! Do yourself a favor. Look no further than Coyote Classics for that classic car you always wanted.

Frank - 1966 Shelby Cobra

The folks at Coyote are great. They are polite and very informative. Dalton you are the man. Thanks

Brett - 1971 Chevy Nova

The whole crew at coyote classics we’re very enjoyable to work with.. they made it easy and very smooth.. thanks !!

Joe - 1966 Ford Mustang

Excellent service, excellent vehicles, they stand behind their products. The 1966 Mustang I had purchased had mechanical issues with the transmission, Coyote Classics stood behind their product and took the proper steps in making it right. I am very pleased with this company and the Mustang I purchased through them. Highly recommend this company!

Rodney - 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7

Hello Mr. Austin,
I recently saw the Blue/Blue '67 XR-7 you had advertised - very nice, would have contacted you, but had just made an offer on another car. Of course that fell thru and your car sold!
I wanted to compliment you on your presentation of your cars - best I have seen, no going round & round to get info & a good look. I would feel extremely comfortable buying from you remotely. Well Done.
I'd like to ask that you keep me in mind for any future Cougars that come in to your shop. I'm interested in a nice, reliable 67, 68 or 69 for leisure use. No project or show cars.  Similar price point to this 67.
Best Regards

Jodi V. - Stopped in to see the cars

Wow you may never see so many! Makes and models! Variety and oh my ... You just have to see it to believe it ..! F u are for classics then good luck to decide which and what!

Tom M. - Stopped in to look around

I have never met kinder people than I did today at coyote classics. I stoped in just to look at what they had, and ended up spending the home morning drinking coffee with mike and talking about old times. This is a terrific dealership with great cars priced very fair and kind small town feel.

John R. - 1937 Chevrolet Deluxe

I was looking for a Classic car and came across Coyote Classic . I found this beautiful 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe . On their website you get to see several pictures and even a video of what you are looking at . When I went and looked at the car they were very friendly . Great place to buy a Classic if you are looking for one . Thanks Guys John

Steve. G - 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

I reached out to Chad about a 1970 Chevelle SS he had on his website. Not only did we talk about the Chevelle, but we talked about 5 other cars he had on his lot. I found him and his team to be honest, have impeccable integrity, and possess a working knowledge of vintage US muscle cars. They even went the extra distance with me and worked out payment terms. 5 weeks later my beautiful muscle car rolled off the truck. It was exactly like Chad described it. I have a small collection of cars from all over the US and can tell you not all my deals went as planned. My deal with Chad, went great and I highly recommend him and his team. In fact, I am buying a second car - don't tell my wife. When it gets delivered, I will share the details. Steve in Westlake Texas

Kevin A. - 1970 Ford Mustang

Absolutely awesome experience. I bought the 1970 Mustang that the one reviewer posted about. Ironic that he posted a review of a car that he didn't purchase and dogged out the owner, but "wasn't mad.". He also posted his review well after I had bought the same car. Odd. My experience was the exact opposite. Chad was amazing to work with... He went above and beyond my expectations on my deal. He even went out of his way to make a couple of upgrades to the car AFTER I had already bought it, before shipping. Thanks to Erin for all of her work and making sure everything went smoothly. The car arrived exactly as it had been described in the video, drives good and will make a great project as time goes by. Thanks to everyone at Coyote Classics, and thanks to the guy who didn't buy it.... Because it's mine now. ??

Derek B. - 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

Mike made the purchase easy. I believe I got a great value for my money. They went out of their way to pull the dash to replace a bulb. Nice. Enjoying my Vette. I can't believe their huge inventory.

James S. - 1966 Ford Mustang

I purchased a 1966 Mustang from Coyote Classics. Mike and Chad were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and honest about the vehicle. Chad’s videos about the vehicles in the inventory are detailed and objective. The Mustang looked just like the video, and had no more imperfections than what Chad had clearly identified in his video. The vehicle price was fair, and Mike and Chad even fixed minor problems on the car for free before shipment. The small town feeling, warm welcome, and knowledgeable staff makes you feel comfortable and confident in the vehicle you are purchasing.

William - 1968 Pontiac Gto

Wanted to let you know that we received the car, everything looks amazing! 

Steve - 1970 Buick Buick GS Stage 1

I love the Buick GS Stage One! I turned up the idle and it runs fantastic! Thank you so much!!! This is my perfect project, I’m going to put headers, new carburetor, new power booster and vacuum assist. The body work will wait till next year. Floor is solid as you described.  The keys don’t work for the doors but I’ll have a locksmith deal with that.
 I understand it’s not restored and you gave me a fair price for a car I’ve always wanted. The fun for me is making it my own. ??
Thanks, Steve. 5 Stars ?? 

B. Jones - 2008 Ford Shelby GT500

Just a note to thank the team members at Coyote Classics.  Mike made our buying experience easy and pain free while I was in Iraq and not only did he try to have the delivery date set up on my arrival back home but the car was delivered a week before I returned back home and in perfect condition. Thanks again to a awesome team at Coyote Classics.   
B. Jones  - Tallahassee, FL

Clive - 1968 Ford Mustang

I hope things are going well; I wanted to reach back out and give you an update on the Mustang.  I did some more work on it, new wheels, Wilwood front brake discs, tilt steering wheel, and some little stuff like door seals.  The car runs and drives great and when I was taking an old Norton motorcycle to be displayed at the Balboa Park Automotive Museum in San Diego, they asked if they could have the mustang for a few months for their "Icon Cars" show/display.  So the Mustang is now in the museum in San Diego until June 1st, so if you or your staff takes a vacation there, make sure to stop by the museum. 

Jim and Diane - 1933 Chevy Street Rod Coupe

I am very happy with the recent purchase of the 1933 Chevy Coupe.  It is everything that I expected.  I have been enjoying it due to the unusual nice winter weather in North Iowa.  We received friendly courteous service.  We plan on showing this car at car shows this summer.  It is sure to turn a lot of heads !
Jim and Diane

Roger Galloway - 1936 Ford Street Rod Coupe


The car finally arrived in the middle of October due to a lot of shipping delays.The car is actually better than i was expecting so am very happy with it.I bought the car mainly of the video and as it turned out was very accurate so i wouldn't hesitate in using you guys again and Mike was very good to deal with,just have to put the car through our certification process,will have to change a few miner details to make it legal for our roads.
Roger Galloway
New Zealand

R.Alexander - 1967 Chevrolet Nova

 Hi Chad, just wanted to drop you a message and tell you how much I enjoyed trading cars with you! The little 67 nova is just as nice as you described, I appreciate your honesty and integrity and for making the trade a lot of fun! I am sure that the purchase was just one of many that I will make at coyote classics !i hope to see you soon and thanks again , Russ Alexander Hannibal Mo.

M. Manca - 1967 Ford Mustang

Hello Mike, 

how are you?
Finally the Mustang is arrived in her new home!
Web have made some small reparation (2000$) to obtain the TüV in Germany (caro review).
He's really beautyful! We have made some rounds, I send you some pictures.
Thank you very much for the Photos and documents of the restoration.
I think that someone would like to buy a Mustang like this. Many people have already ask me to buy this but the blue Mustang is for my family.
I can sell Cars because I have a small Company here. So if you find a Mustang like mine (1967) please write me!
See you soon!

Alan & Betty - 1966 Ford Mustang

We are very pleased with our 66 mustang that we bought from  coyotee classics 
The people there were all so nice and when we drove into the parking lot it was like WOW! So many sweet old cars our mustang is everything we had hoped for now saving money for a old truck I think coyote classic should have a T V show awesome place 

thank you Alan and Betty 

Lee - 1973 Chevy Nova ss

Coyote Classics,

I wanted to thank your staff for the pleasant experience my wife and I had when purchasing the 73 Nova SS we bought from you. Everyone was helpful and seemed as excited as we were. We have shared who we bought the car from with many of our friends, so, who knows, maybe you will see someone from our area in the future. I have attached a couple of pics with some modifications we have already made, and will try to share more as the project evolves.

Thanks again,

Fred - 1966 Ford Mustang

Hi Erin,

Thank you for making this trade experience painless and enjoyable. Hopefully  we can do another one in the future. 

Thanks again for your help, I feel like I know you personally.



Bill - 1966 Ford Fairlane

Hello Team @ Coyote Classics,

I just wanted to wish you all a happy summer and share some seasonal pics of the 66' Fairlane. As you may recall we closed on the deal late fall so there wasn't much time to enjoy. I will say me and the family have taken many scenic trips and look forward to many more before the season ends.

Hope you are all well,


Bill in Erie, PA

Gene/Judi - 1969 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport

Hi Mike/Chad 

We just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation and respect. 


Gene/Judi – Mississippi – July 2018

I purchased my first car, a 1936 Plymouth, when I was 14 years old for $65.00 from a farmer in 1958. This was the start of my life long pastime with cars of all types. I began working on and learning about all aspects of modern, classic, and sports cars. I continue to enjoy the modern conveniences of our latest cars, but I have never lost my strong appreciation and affection for the classic cars of the past.  This has resulted in numerous dealings with car sellers/buyers of all types for 50 years, in person and over the internet. Our purchase with Coyote Classics with Mike, Chad, and their team has to be noted as one of the best transactions we have ever experienced. Their honesty and professionalism is/was beyond excellent. We never were able to view/drive the 1969 Chevelle we purchased.  However, the video Chad provided of the car was probably the best, most complete, description of a vehicle I have ever seen by a car dealer. He took great care to review the car’s condition including any possible flaws.  We were able to have a family member visit Coyote Classics to view and drive the car.  The car was exactly as described in Chad’s video. I would recommend Coyote Classics to any individual who is in the market for a classic car.  It is most unusual to find a classic car dealership that represents themselves with honesty, respect, and fair value. Thanks again for a great experience.

Ed Medina - 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

Just wanted to follow up and thank you for all your assistance in the purchase of the 1965 Mustang Convertible.
I received the car this past Friday and on Saturday I took her to a local car meet. It was an instant head turner and non stop photo and video opportunity for most people attending. I attached a picture of her first outing here. 

I went through the car some on Friday and most of the day on Saturday, I have to tell you while there was a few minor things obviously with any car it wont be up to an individuals personal standards, but this car was better than what I expected.
I was pleasantly surprised on how good of a condition it was in and the restoration that had been done was of good quality. 

I can truly say that it was exactly as you and Chad described the car and the video was excellent to use for studying the car. I appreciate you sending me the extra photos that I requested as well. The engine compartment was actually better than what I expected from the pictures I saw, so overall I am very happy with the car and the amazing service you guys provided. 

I took the car for a test drive on Saturday and she drove great, it was 94 degrees here in South Florida and she ran great never once showed any signs of overheating drove her in traffic and also on the highway, ran great. 

Thank you again and in the future when looking for another vehicle or if anyone asks I will be recommending that they check out the inventory at Coyote Classics first. 

Best regards,
Ed Medina

Lou - 1974 Plymouth Cuda

I have just finalized the purchase and delivery of my 74 'cuda .  Chad and the crew at Coyote Classic's did an excellent job on all aspects of my transaction.  The car was described in great detail and any time a situation arose, it has handled in a thoughtful and professional manner.  I have purchased several cars from some of the top brokers in the country and I can say that Coyote Classics cares the most about the customer before, during and after the transaction. The purchase of a classic car, or a muscle car can be a complex endeavor for the buyer. I purchased my 'cuda sight unseen, and I had to trust in Chad and Mike to consider my needs, and skill level. We do not live in a perfect world and 45 year old cars had issues from day one of their manufacture. In my experience the tweaking and sorting of the mechanical systems is where the true satisfaction is found. In other words anyone can buy a modern car and have something nice, but it is just sand at the beach.  When you own and work on a classic there is something extra in the results that stands out from the ordinary.  Chad has an eye for the gems, and in my opinion would never waste your resources or his reputation to make a quick buck. As a buyer there is a responsibility to understand the nature of owning a classic. Coyote classic's as the seller, also has a responsibility to represent a car's integrity.  Bottom line, I am very pleased with my purchase A-Z. The best, realistic pricing anywhere.... I would purchase from CC again, and in fact Chad knows what I'm looking for next.         Louis N.

L. Bowers - IA - 1964 Chevrolet Impala

4 months ago-
Found our 64 Impala here. Wasn't rushed, no pressure sales, put up on the lift so we could check out the underside thoroughly.

R. Mahnke - AZ - 1966 Ford Fairlane

Got the ford and shes everything you said and more. Thank you and every one there at coyote classics especially chad. No time to work on her ill keep in touch.  Again THANKS!

J. Roberts - MA - 1968 Ford Thunderbird

James Roberts - Google Review
in the last week-
This was our first time ever to buy a Classic Car and we had our concerns
about doing business on line and with a Dealer that we didn't know... BUT
Coyote Classics put all those concerns to rest with the very best customer
service we have ever Experienced. it all started when I sent them a e-mail
expressing my interest in the 1968 Thunderbird the very next morning I got
a call from the owner Chad and he answered all of my questions and
after that conversation I applied for Classic Vehicle Financing and Mike
the Sales Manager walked us through the entire process and got a Great
rate and also the Classic Vehicle Insurance we needed all this without one
bet of high pressure in fact we have become Good Friends the video was
very helpful and showed every perfection and imperfection on the vehicle
they arranged Transportation from there garage to mine at a very reasonable
price the car is Exactly as Described by Chad the owner we are
Completely Satisfied with the entire Deal if your in the market for a Classic
visit Coyote Classics you`ll get a Great Deal on a Great Vehicle and you`ll
meet some new and wonderful Friends see you at the car shows come check out our 1968 Red Bird

R. Childers - TX - 1968 Chevy Corvette

My name is Richard Childers, I just bought a 1968 Corvette Roadster from Coyote Classics. It was one of the most pressure free purchases that I have ever made. Mike Sorensen made everything go so smooth and stress free. If I want another classic I will certainly call Mike again. They arranged for financing and delivery. The car was delivered in excellent shape. I would recommend Coyote Classics to anyone who wants to purchase a classic car. My Vette is just what they said it is. It was a wonderful experience. Richard 

L. Ghougasian - FL - 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

The car was exactly as you advertised it. We love it!!!! Thanks for making my purchase go so smoothly. If there is anywhere I can give you a great review let me know.
Thanks again

B. Orde - NV - 1966 Ford Fairlane

Stella has arrived at her new home!
I’m very pleased overall!   Thanks all Ever need a reference I’m available!
I’m looking forward to the restoration and cruising Hot August Nights in Reno.

J. Fredrick - TN - 1965 Ford Mustang

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to thank you and to let you know my 1965 Mustang Coupe arrived yesterday at 11:10 am, and how pleased I am with the car and the whole process of purchasing her and having her delivered. 
The Mustang is in even better condition than I expected; I believe that speaks of how honestly Chad presents your vehicles. Everyone I dealt with on the staff was a pleasure to work with. Please thank Erin and Chad for their help in the process of making a dream of mine come true. Also, please thank Jim and Jeanine for delivering my baby.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a quality collector vehicle.

Thanks Again Mike,
J. Fredrick

Sergio - TX - 1956 Chevy 210

Good afternoon Mike...just wanted to send you an update on the 56 Belair you sold me a few months ago. There were some minor issues with the car but needless to say, those issues were simply the signs of it's age but nothing that couldn't be fixed. 

We love our classic...we've changed our Classic Car plates to match the car theme and have made some mods to spruce up this bad ass hot rod. Thank you again for your help and putting this classic in our garage!

R. Persky - MI - 1965 Ford Mustang


I wanted to let you know the car arrived Sunday at noon our time in perfect condition. It looks great and I am so excited! Even my wife smiled when she saw it! It really brings back memories. (I taught my wife how to drive in my 65 mustang)
Thanks for everything!

Bob P

C. Borg - Malta - 1959 Ford Galaxie CV

"Hi these are some photos of my baby ?? thanks a lot it is a very nice car Ia am very happy with it ??"

"Oooo I am very happy this car was pefect. thanku very much I love it ?????? "

W. Unger - PA - 1966 Ford Fairlane

Hi Chad,
Thanks for the follow up call today, that type of customer service is much appreciated. As you know I received the 1966 Fairlane as we discussed and I am very happy with the purchase. I have been very impressed with you and your team at Coyote Classics. You guys/ gals did an outstanding job throughout the entire process. The Fairlane is great and I look forward to spending a lot of time with the car and my family. You and your team took the time to assure it was everything as described and then some. The car met all my expectations and as you know I had many. Thanks for being patient with me and my need to stay informed. I would say to those who are considering a purchase with you, that you and your team are very knowledgeable and courteous. I would say you are realistic and honest with the buyer. I would not hesitate to recommend Coyote Classics to others. I appreciate all that you have done to assure I had a great experience buying a awesome classic. Thanks Again!    (Bill in -Erie, Pennsylvania)

Thanks again, please share with your staff and as a testimonial on your site. Well deserved.

W. O'Connor - RI - 1968 Ford Mustang

Hi Chad!  Car came last night, looks great, and sounds real nice.  Thank  you, Mike and Erin for everything!  I drove it and passed other classic car people, they all waved.  I'm part of teh club now!  Lol!  Thanks again Bill

M. Peterson - WI - 1967 Ford Mustang

Just wanted to let Mike know that the car came in last night and i really appreciate the customer service that you guys provide from the way you present the car all the way to the delivery. It looks just like the photo's with no hidden issues that i can find so far. My wife will love it for an anniversary present.  

J. Theders - MN - 2012 Chevy Camaro

Sorry this has taken so long, but I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase from you all at Coyote Classics.  We took the drive down to your shop and picked up the car and this was by far the most pleasant experience I have had buying a car in my life.  The pictures and video of the car on the website were accurate and upon arrival, there were no surprises at all.  Staff was excellent and were accommodating to all of our needs, worked with our bank, and got us out the door and on our way. Hope to be able to do business with you again sometime

G. Gardner - MI - 1965 Ford Thunderbird

HI Mike,

I wanted to touch base with you and provide feedback on the 1965 Thunderbird I recently purchased.  William and I made it back to Michigan safely last Sunday (long drive to do in one day).  I have had some time to spend with the car and am very happy with my purchase.  The car drives and runs great and the vehicle condition is exactly as represented on your website pictures and videos  Coyote Classics was a pleasure to work with on this transaction, the paper work was handled professionally and everybody I encountered was friendly and easy to work with.  The car looks great and I have received many positive comments on it.  

Through some miracle of cleaning and organization by my wife both the 1957 Bel Aire and the 1965 T-Bird managed to fit in the garage (all of our "modern" daily drivers have been exiled to the driveway).  

My wife tells me I can't buy anymore cars until I find a place to put them, looks like I may need to buy a bigger garage some place.

Thanks much for your help in making this a smooth transaction.

M. Extrom - IL - 1971 Dodge Dart

I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to everyone over at Coyote Classics. I recently had the pleasure of working with Mike on the sale of my 1971 Dodge Dart. I have been in the market for about 9 months or so and have looked at  at least a million cars from different places online. When I saw the Dart they were offering, the condition of the car and the price, we made the 300 mile trip to Iowa to check it out. The car was exactly as they presented it online and Mike and Chad showed us everything on the vehicle (good or bad) so we were comfortable with our decision. We then bought the vehicle and they were nice enough to get the car delivered at a extremely reasonable price. Mike was giving us constant updates on the sale (better than the bank I had getting me the additional funds). Next time I will try their financing.. The best feeling was when the car was being delivered, they came around the corner and the Dart was sitting on the carrier.. Yup, that's the good stuff right there!! I would reccomend them to anyone looking for a classic car!!! ~MarkE 

R. & D. Marino - IL - 1970 Buick GS

Chad and the entire team at Coyote Classics, We wanted to thank you for a smooth hassle free transaction with the purchase of our 1970 Buick Skylark ( green on green). The car was like you said it was and even better then the pictures showed. We  have put about 400 miles on the car in 5 days ! The car rides and drives even better then I hoped it would ! My fiancee even had it up to 100 mph ! (she is now grounded from the car, lol ). I can't even count the number of people  who have stopped us asking about the Skylark ! The only problem we have is we can't just make a QUICK stop at the gas station, it draws to much attention !!! A problem we will gladly live with !
 Thanks again to everyone at Coyote Classics, everyone that I spoke with was great. You have an outstanding team.


   Rick & Debbie

R. Neset - ND - 1966 Ford Fairlane

Well we received the car, looks great!  Know any tricks to finding reverse??? Lift up shifter then move towards your leg and down. That's the way the 4 speed works 
  Got it. Thank you. Love the car

J. Perez - Spain - 1972 Chevy Chevelle

Good day
Car just arrived at home!!
Incredible sound and ride 

D. Clinansmith - MI - 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo

Hi! My name is Danny and I just purchased my 2nd car from Coyote Classics. If you're looking for a GREAT QUALITY CLASSIC car or truck, I would highly recommend this Co.
They have treated me great with the recent transaction. The 1970 Monte Carlo was everything they said that it was and more. The car drives like it just came off the assembly line.  The staff is professional and friendly and very knowledgeable on their classics. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

D. Standley MA - 1968 Pontiac GTO

My wife and I took delivery of our 1968 Pontiac GTO that we purchased from Chad at Coyote Classics on 4/17/17 all we have to say is WOW we are so pleased with the car. We were very skeptical about buying a car sight unseen because of all the junk we have looked at before this car, but we took a chance. We are not the type of people that write a testimony for anything, but in this case we had to make an exception. This car is everything Chad said it was and then some. So if you’re in the market to buy a classic car and you don’t buy it from Coyote Classics you have nobody to blame but yourself. Thank you so much everyone at Coyote Classics David And Alison Standley

Oliver - 1968 Ford Mustang

Hi Chad, Just to let you know that we get the car yesterday and we found it in very very good condition. The engine started after recharging the battery. My friend is really satisfied of the car and he’s waiting the week end now to drive it after a complete check. Thanks again for all and hope to do others business with you. OliveR

Mark - 1973 Dodge Challenger

Thanks for your help. I seriously already have on offer to buy it. Awesome car. Looking forward to a sunny day to take it for a proper drive. Thanks again

Dennis - 1975 Dodge Dart

Hello Chad and Mike, the 75 dart I purchased from you is running well, people absolutely stop and talk to me about it. However, she needed a big brother so they 73 dart with a 318 completely rebuilt top to bottom. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I keep reviewing your selection of cars, I see you still have the Gold duster I originally tried to purchase who knows maybe this summer I'll try to make a deal with you, regards Dennis

Mike - 1970 Plymouth Duster

To ALL the people at Coyote Classics, Thank you ALL for a very nice transaction and a very nice car! I did not take an internet transaction very lightly at all (you being in Iowa and I being in Ohio). I was extremely fearful of what could go wrong not only dealing with the money over the internet but never seeing the car in person and I balked many times. After looking several times at the 46 pictures and playing the video several times and making a call to Chad with questions, I decided to make the purchase. I very much liked the video mostly as it pointed out the minus things on the car as well as the plus but the first person view drive-along was most impressive for me. I was able to see the car in motion and listen for any squeaks or pops and see if the car struggled to get up to speed. Great job and representation in my opinion. There are positive reviews as well as negative reviews about you on the internet but even someones own local car dealer will have that. People shouldn’t forget that point. Knowing that even the greatest pictures hide some flaws, I was very excited to see that the car was exactly as described or maybe even better in some aspects. Awesome! Quite pleased and I would deal with you again. From my experience I would even recommend you to people I know. Mike Sorensen, thank you so much for the great communication!!!!! Sitting on this side of the transaction is scary, especially if you don’t hear anything for a long period of time. NOT the case with you! You called with every step and hit every time line. You did an excellent job with me and I hope they keep you around for other people to experience your work. To the people behind the scenes that I didn’t meet but had a part in the transaction, thank you very much as well! I have to get back to waxing :-) Have a great day! -Mike

Bendt - 1968 Buick Skylark

Dear Mike and Chad, Even more beautiful in reality, I am very satisfied and it is as told on the video. I have already given your webpage to a number of people, and maybe they will address you. I am also now able to explain a fast and secure past to get it from USA to Denmark with the great help from Schumacher/Christian and Krystal and Motorships/Michael in Denmark. Great pleasure to do business with all of you, thank you a lot. Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards Bendt

Hans - 1948 Chevy Pickup

Hi Chad, Thank you for the very good service and the pick up is great. A very nice car. And the engine is running. We are very happy about the car. Thank you.

J.m - 1972 Chevy Chevelle malibu

my experience with coyote classics was awesome from the time I purchased my car to when it was delivered to my front door. Mike was very helpful from start to finish. I would not hesitate to buy another car from them.tks,coyote classics,j.m.ely

Dennis Dubiel - 1962 Chevy impala

I bought the 62 impala from you a few months ago. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I am very happy with the car. It definitely was everything you said it was. I can say I was very skeptical of buying a vehicle without looking at the car in person. We are enjoying our car whenever we get a chance. Thanks a lot.

R. Skalbania - TX - 1970 Oldsmobile 442

I had a very good experience with Coyote Classics and would do business with them again. They are in a unique end of the car market dealing with classic autos, old cars with many previous owners. My initial dealings were over the phone long distance and then after good discussions I decided to drive over 1000 miles to purchase a car they were selling. I put a deposit down on the car to hold it while I worked out the time to go there. I paid for the car using wire transfer from my bank direct to theirs and this went off without a hitch. They are a smaller family type business who will take time to talk to you but they are not always there. Just call back 30 minutes later when they get back.

B. Witmer - IA - 1966 Ford Mustang

Hello Chad and crew, After a long winter and spring, I got the 66 Mustang I purchased from you last fall back out on the road with a few updates. Last winter I was able to go thoroughly through the car and correct a few issues along with some suspension, interior and engine upgrades. It was a lot of fun to work on. I just wanted to say how happy I am with the car, especially now as it runs hard and drives great. It just needed a little TLC so while I was in there. . . well, you know how that goes. I have mentioned your company to a few "mid-lifers" I know and maybe they'll be looking you up. Anyway, thought I would send you a few pictures and say thanks again for the deal. I smile ear to ear every time I take it out for a cruise.

R. Mangold - KS - 1971 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport

Chad, Car arrived and we are thrilled with it. Thanks for seeing that everything worked before you shipped it. Tell Mike I enjoyed working with both of you and I feel you treated us well and gave us a good deal. Hope to do it again. Oh by the way, Jim had not gotten to the end of the block till I had a guy stopped and offered to buy the car. Told him it would not be for sale for a while but did tell him who to call. Thanks again,

M. Ruiz - CA - 1962 Chevy Impala

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy this car. This car is just awesome! I put on like 150 miles over the long memorial day weekend. Amazing car. I got offers from people to buy it to. But this one is a keeper Thanks again.

M. Salan - IN - 1969 Chevy Camaro

Bought a 69 Camaro from Chad, very easy to work with. The car was very solid, minimal rust. Interior was really clean. I had 2 small issues with the car. Chad told me to get them taken care of, and he would reimburse me. Which he did. It was nice that I could get a hold of Chad directly on his cell phone at anytime. Thanks again.

G. Jordan - WA - 1955 Ford Crown Victoria

Here is some pictures of the '55 Crown Victoria we bought from you. Gary has put radial tires and chrome wheels w/ baby moons on her. She drives and ride like a dream now. He loves the car!! Thank you, Gary & Cherylee Jordan

E. Horras - IA - 1969 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport

I've bought four cars from Chad in the last few years, and liked every one of them. I finally made it up to the 69 Chevelle, and can't be happier. It runs and looks great!! Exactly as described. I would recommend Coyote Classics to anyone looking to deal with a professional when buying a classic. Thanks Chad!

T. Sticker - PA - 1977 Pontiac Formula

Hope everything going well and you had a great Christmas season. I love my 77 Pontiac Formula I bought from you. Runs great. Took very little for inspection. Its stored for the winter. Bummer. Still never saw one like it. Get alot thumbs up. Thank you again for picking me up at airport. Great people to work with. God Bless, Ted Stricker

J. Widner - MO - 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak

Thanks for the great buying experience. We are loving the car. It is even better then you guys described. I thought I would send you a picture of my boys enjoying the car. Thanks again. I will recommend you guys to my friends.

George adn Heidi Green - 1970 Ford Mustang

My husband and I took a trip up to Greene Iowa to pick up a blue 1970 Mach 1 fastback from Coyote Classics, we got home last night actually! The people there are amazing! Kind and caring! Thank you all ! Our mustang is SOLID no rust, it was an amazing steal! Paint and restoration was impeccable, it was everything the ad said these group of people have amazing high standards and professionalism, they have integrity to the fullest! W will definitely be back! Thank you from George and Heidi Green!

Garth - 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Chad I appreciate you folks checking the 71’ MC for me. Don’t know what I’ve done with the other plate. I really like the RR. Won’t have much opportunity to enjoy it until Winter’s over, but the anticipation itself is enjoyable. Thanks for a good deal & who knows –maybe we’ll do it again --if another nice early Mopar big block 4-speed shows up at your place.

Gary & Cherylee Jordan - 1955 Ford Crown Victoria

Gary would like to say "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart" to everyone there at Coyote Classics, for everything you have done to help us get this car. Gary has wanted a '55 Crown Victoria for so long, now his dream is on its way home. We would also like to wish all of you and your families, a very Merry Christmas. Vicki has arrived!!!!!! They got here at 6:30 this morning. Gary loves it!! Thank you so much for all of your help getting it here. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Brent - 1966 Ford Mustang

Hey Chad & Coyote Classics, Now that I've had the 66 Mustang a while, I've been able to thoroughly look it over and drive it. It does in fact have a year correct 289 engine block. Also, as you stated, the frame and other key areas on the car are quite solid. I was able to align front fenders, hood, and had to tweak the doors a little, but everything lined up nicely with just a few shims. Once I get the suspension updated it will probably become a daily driver - in the summer season that is. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I'm quite pleased with the purchase and feel I got a decent classic car without having to spend a ton of money! Thank you and look for a positive google review. Sincerely, Brent

Rick - 1971 Buick Skylark

Got the car today. I love it thanks for everything. It was well worth the trip to greene! Thansk Rick 8/12/2012

John - 1966 Ford Mustang

Chad/Mike/Shawn, All I can say is "what a beautiful classic car" !! Well worth the wait! Thanks to Jim and his wife for delivering it this morning at 1030 am in perfect condition. I will definitely do business again in the future when/if I decide on another one and I will let people know of your business. Thanks again!

Tony - 1954 Ford Customline

I would like to thank Mike and his staff for all their help with the purchase of my car. Everything is exactly as they said. The car is beautiful and runs like a Boss! Thanks for everything!

Tom - 1958 Studebacker Silver Hawk

Attention: Mike Sorenson: I took your advice when towing the 58 Studebaker Hawk back to Detroit, & split the trip into two days. It rained constantly both days, and the car didn't leak any water inside anywhere. Thanks for a great back window seal job! I lost the printed testimonial I had for you, so I've reprinted it below for your use. Thanks again. PS - Please confirm that you received this email. Tom Morrissett I was looking for a reasonably inexpensive old car, and found a 1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk at Coyote Classics at an online site. After looking at their well-organized and truly helpful website, I called their number and wound up talking to Mike Sorenson, their Sales Manager. We talked for about 10 or 15 minutes before I told him I was considering driving from Michigan to Iowa to look at the car, but I wasn’t yet sure that I’d come. By the time Mike called to check on my intentions, my Wife and I were already in the car and on our way to Iowa. Once I got there I found the car was to my liking, except for a couple of items. Coyote said they could arrange to have these items fixed, but it would take a while to organize things. Since I was already impressed with the honesty of all the Coyote personnel I’d talked to, I decided to buy. After a quick session with Shawn Hauser, the Office Manager (and another very nice person from Iowa!), I was on my way back to Detroit. It took a few weeks (Studebaker parts aren’t always available – go figure), but Mike called as soon as the car was ready for pickup. I can’t say enough about the experience of dealing with Coyote – each person I dealt with was helpful, courteous & friendly. I’d contacted others (including “neighbors” in my own state) who didn’t remain courteous too long…. Thanks again, Mike, and all the rest of the friendly folks at Coyote Classics!

Dr Smith - 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

Thank You! That was most kind of you to take care of that unexpected repair. Again I want to say what a pleasure it has been buying this car from your company and I look forward to our doing another car in the future. I have already contacted my insurance company and have the car insured - just to be on the safe side. Also it will be ready to register it once I receive the title and other documents from your office. By the way, the woman in your office was very nice to talk with today and most helpful with providing me with the VIN number so I could complete my insurance application. She told me the car may be shipped on the 10th, but would be back in touch with me once the details were finalized. I look forward to finding out when to expect delivery. With all that said, my best regards to Mike as he was a great help in putting this deal together. Best Regards,

Larry - 1952 Ford Customline


Steve - 1959 Ford Custom

I bought this 1959 Ford Custom 300 from Coyote Classics just over a year ago. It underwent a frame on restoration and now looks as good as it did when it came off of the assembly line. It is a head-turner. Many thanks to the staff at Coyote Classics.

Coyote Classics - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At Coyote Classics we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

Jim Hanson - 2002 Ford Mustang

Bought an absolutely sick mustang from these guys several months ago. I got a great deal on the car and I couldn't be happier. The description of the car on there website was spot on and the staff was extremely helpful. I will look to them again when I'm ready for another.

Robbie - 1969 Ford Mustang


Joe - 1979 Pontiac TransAm


Chris - 1968 Chevy Chevelle

Sold a 1968 Chevelle to Coyote Classics today. Jim showed up today to take it home with him and we couldn't be more pleased with his professionalism and sincerity, he arrived on time and treated us with honesty and respect, I can't say enough how much that was appreciated. I am happy to say we are very pleased with how smoothly the transaction went. Would definitely do business with these gentlemen again. Thank you Jim and Chad!!!

Robert - 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo

I bought a 1972 Monte Carlo from Coyote Classics and absolutely love my car. I want to sincerely thank Chad, Mike and Jim for the honesty they showed during our transaction. I live in Canada and had the car delivered to the border where I met Jim who was a real gentleman to pick up the car. Coyote Classics took care of all the details to make sure there were no issues releasing the car from the U.S. border. I did my end of paperwork and crossing the border was no problem at all. I would recommend to family and friends that if they want a classic car at a fair price and be dealt with honestly, be sure to call Coyote Classics. Bob C. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Preston & Karen - 1968 Pontiac GTO

To all the good folks at Coyote Classics, we want to say thanks for a very pleasant and fun time purchasing our 68 GTO. We got so many thumbs up on the way home and while we were at a truck stop a lady stopped by and wanted to buy it from us. She and her husband already have 6 GTO's, but not a 68. Sorry, it won't be for sale any time soon. This goat is awesome! Thanks again! Preston and Karen. 8/12/2012

John - 1973 Ford Mustang Mach I

I bought a 73 mach 1 from them pretty clean some damage and rust but pretty sound car for being 39 years old. Great body parts,good interior,someone micky moused some mounts and other stuff together , but chad and shawn did every thing they could do to make it right, they cant find everything, it has an excellent engine and trany in it pretty good car for price as all old car needs work but good vehical to restore, coyote is a good place to pick up a clasic car, and they help out with anything not seen even thou they dont have to. were else are you going to find someone thats willing to do that, i would reccemend them and buy from them again Tony 7/17/2012

Roy Granger - 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass

I found a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S convertible on the internet at Coyote Classics. I was very impressed with the detail discription, pictures and video of the car. I then E-mailed Clint Cordes (salesman) and he answered my E-mails many questions. I then made an appointment to go to Greene, IA. to look at the car and drive it. I was introdued to Clint and we went out in the garage to look at the Cutlass. It looked better than the pictures. My Wife and I then drove the car. Again NO disappointments. It had a couple of small issues that I questioned and they had their mechanic take care of them, as we talked Money. I was introduced to Chad Austin the owner of Coyote Classics and we made a deal both of us could live with. Chad, Clint and the other employees we met were very friendly and not the typical pushy salesmen. Very easy to do bussiness with. I drove 200 miles one way to look at this car. I am sure glad I did as I am very happy with the car. I have had it for about a month now and am still happy with my purchase and get many comments on how nice it looks. July 8th we are having a big parade in my home town and my car was picked to have MISS WISCONSIN ride in it. GREAT dealership and a great bunch of guys to do bussiness with. Thanks Again. Roy Granger 7/9/2012

Terry - 1972 Ford Mustang Mach I

Clint, Thanks for your help in selling me my 1972 Mach 1 Mustang. I appreciated you telling me the story of the car and providing the documentation you had. There were so many pictures on the website along with the video of the car driving that I was able to buy the car from my suburban Chicago home without ever going to Iowa, although I would have enjoyed seeing your store. You made the process easy, even going so far a to arrange my “local” (300 mile) delivery by Jim, the owner’s father, which convinced me that I did not need to go and get the car. Your customers should be comfortable buying remotely from people who really care about classic cars and their customers. As to the question that comes before the “Do I go to Iowa?” question, the “Should I be buying a muscle car?” question, it was answered when my wife asked my brother if I was having a mid-life crisis and he responded, “No, he has wanted one of those since he was ten.” With that the question of if I would get the chance to buy the car that had only existed previously as an ornament on our Christmas tree was settled. Not only do I love the car, but my wife, family, and friends are all excited too! Thanks again, Terry 7/8/2012 Chicago ILL

Jimmy - 1972 Ford Gran Tornio

Purchased a 1972 Gran Torino Sport. Was a little nervous buying a car sight unseen. However, Clint answered every question I had and was instrumental in helping. The car arrived and is in great shape! I love driving it and it couldn't have been a better experience. Jimmy 6/20/2012

Bill - 1967 Pontiac Firebird

Hi Mike: It was great working with you guys on the purchase of my 1967 Firebird. You were all very helpful and honest. I especially appreciated: The car was as good as or better than seen on the internet. The most complimentary things you told me about it were AFTER I agreed to buy it. You fined tuned the few last minute "fixes" I wanted and at no charge. And mostly, I had to drive a 45 year old car, new to me, 190 miles on the freeway back to Minneapolis. That took a leap of faith and it never skipped a beat. Thanks again for the car and the great organization you run. Bill 6/19/2012

Joe - 1969 Chevy Chevelle

Hi Clint, My dream car has arrived, it`s much nicer than I had expected. All my neighbor-hood critics have looked at the car and they are all very impressed. Also I must add that the way you described the car to me is the way it arrived. Your honesty and sincerity has been very much appreciated. Thank-you ever so much,, and it`s been a true pleasure doing business with you. Sicerely Joe 6/12/2012

Nick - 1969 Dodge Super Bee

I recently purchased a 69 Super Bee from the crew at Coyote Classics. They were great to work with from the beginning and the unbelievable service they offer continued as I was unable leave with the car after I purchased it. It took me a week to get back and Clint was more than willing to meet me after hours to help me out. Just the kind of service you expect from good honest Iowa people. Thank you guys again. Nick 6/12/2012

Cynthia - 1972 Chevy Corvette

Mike, It arrived, and he absolutely loved it! He has been showing it off to everyone in the city! Thanks so much! Cynthia 4/18/2012

David C. - 1967 Dodge Dart GT

In February 2012 I walked into Coyote Classics to look at prospectively buying a 1967 Dodge Dart GT Convertible. I didn't know what to expect. The sales staff and workers in general were highly professional. They were not overbearing and pointed out and showed me everything about this car without pressure. The car is beautiful, fairly priced, and negotiations were no painful. I am very happy with my experience, as everyone was very nice and treated me with the upmost respect. I highly recommend anyone looking for a classic car to look no further than Coyote Classics. David C. 3/22/2012

Steve - 1973 Plymouth Cuda

Hi Chad, That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! I can't believe it’s real! I can't thank you and your team enough for the work and effort they have gone to. Dealing with such genuinely passionate people has made the experience so easy and enjoyable. Wish I could get that kind of service over here. Please let me know when Schumacher’s picks the car up. Again, thank you and all the best. 3/8/2012

S.L. - 1970 Chevy Camaro

To Whom It May Concern: I thought that it was my duty to relay my experiences purchasing a 1970 Camaro SS from Coyote Classics. I purchased the car sight unseen with Mike being my salesman. I could not be any more satisfied. Any and all questions were answered immediately with an obvious high level of knowledge regarding the vehicle. When the Camaro was delivered to me from Iowa, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner Chad Austin. These folks at Coyote Classics are professional, but more importantly extremely pleasant. They went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied and requested I call them at any time with any questions. This experience made it a very easy choice to get my paint and interior refurbishing thru Coyote. I think that says a lot as they are over 200 miles from me. To summarize, a VERY great experience purchasing my first muscle car. Sincerely, S.L. 2/28/2012 MN

Ginnie & Dennis - 1970 Chevy Chevelle

Mike, Our 70 Chevelle was delivered Thursday with no problems. We think the car looks great, and we are looking forward to driving it this summer. This is the second trade over the last few years we have made with Mike over the internet and everything worked out fine. Dennis & Ginnie 2/12/2012

Dustin - 1968 Ford Mustang

I found my 1968 Mustang online while on a deployment overseas. I talked to Mike, one of their salesmen, and he was very helpful and answered any questions that I had. I went down to Greene, IA on my 2 week leave and found that the car was exactly what I expected. There were a couple minor details that Mike and the rest of Coyote Classics staff were very helpful in fixing for me. The entire staff is very helpful and even more professional. I would recommend them to anybody. I have put over 1,000 miles on the car in the last week and it runs like a champ and I get compliments everywhere I go. I want to send a big thank you to everybody at Coyote Classics! Thanks, Dustin 2/4/2012

N.C - 1975 Pontiac TransAm

I picked up my 75 trans am in Greene, Ia in person. I met the staff and they were polite and professional. I took their word that the car was "turn key" and I took their word that my "paper work" would be handled. I took the keys and drove 1200 miles stright home. T he car drove me home, mind you over the mountains, without a hitch. The car is a winner. 1/9/2012

Terry & Mary - 1966 Ford Mustang

Thanks Mike All who have seen the car are impressed by it and tell me it's a "looker". My grandson Jackson says Papa Terry's hot rod is cooler than his Dad's '66 Mustang convertible!!! I think he's a keeper! We're spreading the word about Coyote Classics - I've ordered side mirrors just this a.m. Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks again - Terry & Mary 12/20/2011

Bill - 1965 Ford Mustang

Just wanted to let you know that we made it back home to OKOBOJI with no problems. The mustang ran like a top and is very enjoyable to drive. Be sure to go online and check out the IRRMA website for lots of fun next summer at Arnolds Park. Every Thursday night thru the summer there are good old rock-n-roll concerts at Rock the Roof. The parking lots are loaded with classic cars that will make your mouth water. A big Thank You with your assistance with my purchase. Every time we stopped on the way home I was approached about the car. I was more than happy to let everyone know where I purchased the car and how pleased I am with Coyote Classics. Hope to see you up here this coming summer. Keep up the good work.......Bill Hansen 12/12/2011

Martin - 1970 Dodge Dart

I have received my car last Monday and I'm very satisfied. A Big thank you to the coyote classics. Here a few line you can put on your web site in the testimony section. Also you can refer to my any French people (Canada or Europe) who would like information about you dealership by giving them my e-mail address which is martinraquepas@videotron.ca I've been looking for a muscle car for years and never been satisfied...until I found the coyote classics on the internet. Those people are very professional and treat their customers with respect. The car I bought sight unseen is awesome. What you see is what you get. My car is solid and the price very competitive. I now enjoy driving my mopar in town and making heads turn around me! This was my first experience whit the coyote and certainly not the last. You can buy in confidence! 12/7/2011

Alex - 1969 Dodge Charger

Your Xmas card reminded me to say thanks for making it possible to purchase a legendary old school Charger a lot sooner than I ever thought possible. The car straight up rocks. I appreciate your service & help with the purchase.Alex 12/7/2011

Howie - 1967 Dodge Cornet

I would like to say my expereince with coyote classics was very professional I would like to thank them for taking the time to find me a car that was the quality and price that I was looking for I was treated with respect and ahonest discription of the vehicle I purchased over the phone and by computer pics/video they covered the car's condition in detail.I am looking forward to dealing with them in the future. Howie Hockenberry 11/10/2011

Randy - 1969 Ford Mustang

It was great trading cars with coyote classics. Very honest and great bunch of guys. Thank you! I love my new mach 1. Randy Carlson 10/28/2011

Blaine - 1967 Pontiac GTO

Just a note to say hello and let you know we enjoyed meeting you guys.Cars are running great and We/Boys are really happy with the purchase...hope to business in the future Blaine/Rhonda 10/24/2011

Scott - 1965 Ford Mustang

Hi everyone at Coyote, just a quick note and a photo from the Aussies. We bought our cars 'sight unseen' and here we are pictured on Santa Monica Pier at the end (other end) of Route 66. We drove 2500 miles in our Mustangs after picking them up from Greene, and what a trip! Cars went great and a dream was realised, thanks for all your help, we are sending lots of business your way real soon! Thanks again and keep on doing it 10/11/2011

Lindsay - 1977 Chevy Corvette

Hi Mike The corvette arrived after two months and was in the hurricane in NY. I picked it up from customs in Mangere and drove it down the Auckland southern motorway to Pukekohe, it was worth the wait. It was everything you said and more, I cruised at 100K’s and it purred, I felt 20 years younger again. I thank you for everyti8hng you did to make the experience easy. Thanks Lindsay NZ 10/7/2011

Ronda & Tim - 1972 Pontiac GTO

To everyone at Coyote Classics: We received our car yesterday and it's Beautiful. My husband and I want to thank you. My husband is very satisfied with his car and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend your dealership to anyone. Thanks so much Ronda and Tim 10/6/2011

Daniel - 1969 Ford Mustang

Daniel Garcia Hi there! This is Daniel from SPAIN... I purchased a 1969 Mustang Fastback at Coyote Classics. Just to let you know that the car is right now near mint condition and it is always the star at the local classic car shows and parades... Here is an actual picture of the car. I hope you will like it! 9/8/2011

Anthony - 1965 Ford T-bird

Mike I want to thank you for all your help and for the professional manner in which you worked with me. I am truly excited to receive my "new" 1965 Ford Thunderbird! 8/29/2011

Rod, Mila, & Jacob - 1958 Chevy 2dr

Mike, I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your help from initial contact to pulling off the lot with the 1958 Chevrolet. Please let Chad Shawn and Dennis know how much I appreciate their help. Dennis went above and beyond to make it safe for me to tow the vehicle. It was refreshing to find a dealership that honest and forthcoming about the condition of the vehicle. It is nice to deal with people that are as good as their word. We made it home safe Wednesday night, no problems. Thanks again Rod, Mila and Jacob 8/28/2011

Steven - 1970 Dodge Charger

To be twenty two and own my dream car is truly a dream come true Thanks Coyote Classics I love My Charger and I Will probably need to buy new tires after that monster burnout haha. It gets looks everywhere it gos and I've had quite a few people offer to buy it from me but no way. Thank you Mike You were an awesome help and a great guy. 8/18/2011

Stefan - 1968 Ford Mustang

Hi Mike! I just want to inform you that the Mustang has arrived safely in Gothenburg. And as you told me, it’s ready to jump in and drive. I like it a lot! 6/17/2011

Randall & Vanessa - 1965 Chevy Chevelle

Good morning Mike, Our chevelle made it here safe and sound on Sat. eve. at 8:30. It looks better than the pictures. We are happy with everything so far. The truck driver was great as well. It was a pleasure doing business with you and am looking forward to working with you again, I am starting to save for a '65 chevelle and will be looking to work with you on that in the future. If by chance you come across one would you please contact me. Thank you again, Randall and Vanessa 6/12/2011

Nancy - 1967 Ford Mustang

Just wanted to let you know the car was delivered in good shape Sunday evening. Please thank Shawn for making the CD my husband requested. Thank you again for your assistance. We had fun driving it around close by last evening. I know we will be enjoying the car for a long time. 6/5/2011

Len - 1969 Chevy Camaro

Hey Chad, i love the 1969 Chevy Camaro that i purchased from you. I took it to a car show today and everyone bragged on how good it looked. It is just as you described and runs good also. I appreciate everything you have done for me and have told everybody about your website and your cars. Thanks again. Len 10/7/2010

Lawrence - 1965 Ford T-bird

Mike > I purchased the 65 Thunderbird convertible from you and just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all your help in closing the deal in the professional manner you did. You made the purchase as painless and positive as it could be. > I received the car and it was in better than I expected shape. There was a bug in the top retract but with the help of you 65 Tbird specialist the problem was resolved and we are enjoying the car more every day > Next time I am looking for a classic car you will be at the top of my list > >5/26/2011

Dean & Wanda - 1979 Chevy Camaro

Clint, Dean and I want to thank you again for the excellent service we received from you. We will definitely recommend Coyote Classics at any & every car show we attend. I told Dean that buying this car took 10 years off his Age and he thought 20 years. He found a part of himself that has been missing for years. Thanks again and we love the car! Dean & Wanda 9/21/2010

James - 1971 Chevy Chevelle

My 71 Chevelle arrived yesterday and i must of been the happiest man on earth when i saw her on the trailer looking pretty. I am very happy with the car and it is what I expected, the people at Coyote Classics did a great job with communication and getting the car to me. I have no problem with reconmmending them to any one. Again thank you for your smooth and easy transaction.4/14/2010

Dave & Cindy - 1973 Ford Mustang

Hi Chad, The 73 mach 1 just arrived and is just as nice as you described ! Totally turnkey & gorgeous ! I would just like to take this opportunity to let all car lovers know that Coyote Classics & all of it's team are honest & make pleasing the customer their # 1 priority. To think almost a year after I purchased my first car from you, you took it back on trade for something with no disappointments. I can tell anyone that wants to purchase a nice muscle car but are afraid to deal with someone long distance, don't be, not with Coyote Classics. Sit back, relax, and wait for your accurately described vehicle to arrive. Praise the Lord & Thank's again, Rev. Dave & Cindy Winnegrad Sweetwater, TN.1/20/2010






















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