Dalton developed his love for classic cars at a young age watching his parents, Chad and Lisa, as they started the business from their farm home in rural Iowa. Later Coyote Classics was moved to a commercial location in Greene. It was at that time when Dalton's love for these cars and his interest in the business really grew! As a kid, eager to learn something new every day, Dalton could easily be found spending time in the shops, offering his help wherever possible. He loved being around the beautiful, classic inventory. Working alongside his parents and helping to grow the business has always been something Dalton has aspired to do. Today, Dalton has become a big part of Coyote Classics spearheading promotions and campaigns on our social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. He is also involved in shop management, and works closely with the sales team to help them get You behind the wheel, driving the car of Your dreams! In his free time, Dalton can be found behind a wheel too, only racing down the track in Figure 8 Races across the state! Dalton also enjoys spending time with his Dad and brothers hunting coyotes, but his favorite times are those spent with his Girlfriend and Murphy, his dog, who also enjoys hanging around the shop too!

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